Steel cut for second Skywalker class vessel, according to plan

The first steel has been cut for Integrated Wind Solutions ASA (“IWS”) second Construction Service Operation Vessel at the China Merchants Heavy Industry facility in Jiangsu, China. The ceremony held 1st of March 2022 marks another major milestone in bringing the series of IWS Fleet’s offshore wind service vessels into the offshore wind market. The vessel will be named IWS Windwalker, and the steel cutting was conducted 10 days ahead of the initial project plan. The first vessel of the class, IWS Skywalker, had its steel cutting conducted 14th of January 2022, in accordance with its separate project plan.

IWS Windwalker is the second vessel in the IWS Fleet’s Skywalker class and is designed specifically to support commissioning works during the construction of wind farms, as well as supporting operations and maintenance during the lifetime of offshore wind farms, bottom fixed and floating.

Theses hybrid powered vessels will be some of the first vessels in the industry capable of zero emission operations. The vessels are designed by Kongsberg Maritime and equipped with the latest generation fully compensated gangway and crane from MacGregor. The vessel has several “industry firsts” having the largest battery pack with solar panels for additional charging, hull and propulsion design increasing operability and reducing emissions, and an energy consumption estimated to be 20% lower than other CSOV’s currently under construction. The vessels are also the first in the industry to have the “DNV SILENT” notation, which focuses on minimizing the impact on marine life below water. Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (ENOVA) has granted EUR 1 million per vessel to support the environmental initiatives on IWS Skywalker and IWS Windwalker. The vessels advanced technology will reduce annual emissions by more than 1,300t CO2 equivalents per vessel.

“We are very pleased to achieve this important milestone for our second vessel in the Skywalker class which will be ready for operations mid-2023. IWS Windwalker will follow its sister vessel IWS Skywalker and take the industry to new heights as it pushes the boundaries of operability, environmental impact and efficiency” says Christopher A. Heidenreich, COO of the Integrated Wind Solutions ASA.

IWS Windwalker is currently uncommitted, and the company is evaluating several potential opportunities. The first vessel of this class, IWS Skywalker, will directly after delivery commence its first contract at the Dogger Bank Wind Farm in summer 2023. Dogger Bank Wind Farm is owned by SSE, Equinor, and ENI. To support the strong market demand for this type of vessels, IWS Fleet is in dialog for ordering additional vessels of the Skywalker class for delivery early 2024.

About IWS Fleet AS:

IWS Fleet provides a fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose-built Walk-to-Work vessels providing services to the offshore wind industry across its entire life cycle, from installation and commissioning, operations, and maintenance to decommissioning. The Skywalker class can carry up to 120 personnel, has a fully integrated and compensated walk-to-work gangway and a 3D compensated crane which can lift cargo fully compensated from the vessel deck to a fixed or floating wind turbine or perform subsea operations for the balance of plant scope.

About Integrated Wind Solutions ASA:

IWS Fleet is a fully owned subsidiary of Integrated Wind Solutions ASA (ticker code: IWS). IWS Fleet offers a fleet of state-of-the-art service vessels to the offshore wind industry combined with a suite of adhering services to reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for offshore wind. The Company has two UT5519DE Design Wind Farm Support Vessels under construction with delivery in 2023, and options for up to four additional sister vessels with market entrance during 2024. Furthermore, Integrated Wind Solutions owns the offshore wind supply-chain service company, IWS Services A/S and has a 30% ownership in the independent advisor, consultancy, data intelligence and wind farm operator firm PEAK-Wind Group, both with headquarters in Denmark. Integrated Wind Solutions and IWS Fleet are headquartered in Oslo, Norway. For more information, see the company website:


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